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L.A. Dance Company Groups

 The L.A. Dance Company includes our seven competitive dance teams and a pre-company preparation class.  We have won numerous awards at various competitions throughout the valley and continue to promote good sportsmanship and character as well as tremendous technique with our dancers.

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Company Members!!  Click here!!


Company Auditions
Auditions for the 2013-2014 Company Groups have already been held.  If your dancer is interested in being a part of the Company and would like to attend a make-up audition, please Lora Wood at Lora@LADanceAZ.com.  Thank you!

What is being a Company Member all about?  

Dancers entering Kindergarten through Seniors in High School may audition

The try-out will require technique in both Jazz and Ballet.  Please come with proper attire for both styles.

Those who become part of the L.A. Dance Company Group are required to take classes in jazz, tap, ballet, and some groups will also be required to take classes in technique, conditioning, contemporary and hip hop.  Each group has a designated amount of required hours per week.

Company Members are required to participate in performances, rehearsals, and workshops outside of regular class hours.

Company Members also have additional costs for but not limited to conventions, competitions, choreography, and costumes.

Being a Company member is a prestigious and coveted position;
it is a privilege that requires hours of dedication.


here to meet the Company Groups
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